We provide financial planning services to our clients

About Us

A boutique Sydney financial planning firm, Finser Consulting Pty Ltd welcomed its first clients in 1988.

Since then we’ve provided a broad range of services to clients that include small businesses, individual retirees and families. We provide quality strategy planning, investment and life insurance advice, all with a level of expertise and knowledge that can only come from many years of experience.

No matter what the size of the portfolio or the depth of the brief we’re working on, we always ensure complete accessibility to your adviser, and a personalised approach.

Our Vision

As a quality advisory firm we are dedicated to growing and protecting your wealth by providing individually tailored direction and advice through our comprehensive range of skills, technical knowledge and experience in financial matters.

Our Values

Our values are important to us as we feel this is what drives our breadth of personal service and sustainable advice. We work simply, quickly but always with a clear focus on caring for your long term needs; ensuring our clients achieve the peace of mind and lifestyle choices they strive for is at the core of Finser’s set of values.

Above all, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of those we advise.